Caring bluetooth bracelet

The company has developed a large number of intelligent terminal products suitable for special people and promoted them to the global market for the elderly and the disabled, so as to ensure the leading position of the company's well-known differentiated terminal products for the elderly and the disabled in the international market.

Smart tablet P18

Software resource Software (increase the intelligent voice control function)


4G Elder GPS Smart Watch With Sim Card ,Wifi, SOS 


Chipset: Realtek8762DT


Chipset: DA14585

Smart Watch SlickFit+

Chipset: NRF52832 


Chipset: Realtek8762DT


7-inch touch screen display

One-touch mobile phone type intelligent terminal YJS818

Wireless remote control emergency call function

Care 560 3G

Redial 2G/3G GSM, WCDMA

Care 40

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