Chairman of the board of directors of Guangsheng Company Zhu Wei went to Nanhe Company for research and guidance

On the morning of March 5, 2015, Chairman of the Board of Guangdong Guangsheng Asset Management Co., Ltd. Zhu Wei visited our company for research and guidance. He was Chairman of the Board of Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. He Yong and Chairman of Shenzhen Nanhe Company Zhang Leping, Bai Yueqing Accompanied by the manager and participated in the survey.    

 General Manager Bai Yueqing briefed Chairman Zhu Wei on the basic situation of Nanhe Company, including production and operation, construction of Heyuan City Industrial Transfer Base and land development of Shenzhen Headquarters, focusing on the company's differentiated elderly mobile phones and telephones. The situation of its overseas market customers, and analysis of the company's current problems and difficulties, introduced the next step in product development. After listening to the report, Chairman Zhu Wei affirmed the development ideas and business philosophy of our company's products. I hope that our company will promote the service application for the elderly (APP) as soon as possible and formulate an industrialized business model and profit model.    

After the meeting, the leaders who came to the investigation were accompanied by the leadership team of our company, and went to our R&D department, Nanhe Precision Mould Company, Nanhe Plastic Products Company, and the factory. (March 5, 2015 Newsletter)

Chairman of Guangsheng Company Zhu Wei visited Nanhe Precision Mould Company (Figure 1)

Chairman of Guangsheng Company Zhu Wei visited Nanhe Plastic Products Co., Ltd. (Figure 2)  

Chairman of Guangsheng Company Zhu Wei visited Nanhe Company (Figure 3)